For too long TV has featured substance abuse as a hush-hush topic. Recycling the same tired characters hidden beneath layers of shame. Finally, there are a few shows that just get not only addiction but recovery, too.

3 Comedies That Totally Nail Addiction Recovery

#1: Mom

In its three seasons, Mom has tackled heavy topics like relapse, illness, and overdose while managing to keep viewers laughing without disrespecting the struggle of recovering addicts.

“The reality of somebody becoming sober and going back to getting loaded, and the jeopardy that they’re in, was something we wanted to deal with. Obviously, the conversation is, ‘How do the other people carry on? How do you make sense of that afterward?’ The tragedy of that lingers. … I’m hoping that the audience will allow us to take those moments and let them play without any comic overlay.” – Chuck Lorre, Creator of Mom

#2: Love

The first season does a great job on her highlighting Mickey’s involvement in AA and how she navigates early recovery in the midst of work and relationship. This Netflix original features a high functioning alcoholic thirty-something named Mickey.

“Real people have these kinds of embarrassing problems that don’t have to be so embarrassing. Maybe if we write about it on TV, then we can make it more accessible to others.” – Lesley Arfin, co-creator of Love

#3: Flaked

This dark comedy opens on an AA meeting and follows Chip, a recovering alcoholic. While it’s not solely about addiction or recovery the story line draws a lot from star Will Arnett’s battle with substance abuse.

“When I see people saying ‘Other shows have tackled (the subject) better,’ I say, ‘You can’t say that it’s not accurate because it’s my experience,’ ” Arnett says. “I’m shedding a little light on my relationship with my own sobriety, which at times has been tricky at best.”

We are glad to finally be seeing addiction and recovery depicted more realistically in the media. The more we support it the more we will see it.

Have you seen any good shows that depict addiction the way it needs to be seen? If so, please share them with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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